Why Clients Choose Us as the Automatic Curtain Industry Leader

High Quality Curtains

“What I like about my curtains is that they hold up in the wind. They don’t flap and bellow like other curtains. They roll up and down with ease.”

Ray AustinBlack Earth, WI

Long Lasting & Maintenance Free

“I have had Roll-O-Matic Curtains since 2004 and they have lasted. They’re simple and maintenance free.”

Rick ReuterPeosta, IA

Simply Put – Clean & Simple

“I like the nice, clean appearance of the curtains. They are simple and easy to use without worrying about a pulley system.”

Jay Stauffacher by his Roll-O-Matic Livestock Curtains
Jay StauffacherDarlington, WI

Incredibly Tough & Durable

“We like Roll-O-Matic Curtains because they are simple, tough and durable. I was impressed when they withstood 50-60 mile an hour winds this last winter.”

Doug & Nancy HoeflerNew Vienna, IA

Simple & Easy to use

“We made our decision to purchase Roll-O-Matic Curtains because of the good things we had heard from other customers. They are simple and easy to use with no pulleys to worry about. They are strong, durable and they have a great installation crew.”

Jason & Chad DemmerDundee, IA

Perfectly Automated

“With Roll-O-Matic Curtains it’s nice to have all of our controls in one area to run the whole barn. They are heavily built, have durable curtain material and piping. They also have great customer service.”

Bob Bjorge