Patented & Proven Drive System

Competitors Can’t Match Our Durability

Low Maintenance

Roll-O-Matic curtains are built to last, and require minimal maintenance.

Easy To Operate

Adjust your curtains at the control of a button, or set them up to automatically adjust based on temperature.

Custom Built

Our curtain systems are custom built to meet your needs.
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Simply Put – Clean & Simple

“I like the nice, clean appearance of the curtains. They are simple and easy to use without worrying about a pulley system.”

Jay Stauffacher by his Roll-O-Matic Livestock Curtains
Jay StauffacherDarlington, WI

Incredibly Tough & Durable

“We like Roll-O-Matic Curtains because they are simple, tough and durable. I was impressed when they withstood 50-60 mile an hour winds this last winter.”

Doug & Nancy HoeflerNew Vienna, IA