Development Resources of Iowa, Inc. is the only manufacturer of Roll-O-Matic barn curtain ventilation systems.  We are located in Northeast Iowa.  We do not just specialize in Roll-O-Matic barn curtain systems – that is all we manufacture and is all we sell.

We have sales representatives and a dealer network that covers the United States and abroad.

Our goal is to provide unbeatable curtain systems and the service to back that up to help you succeed.  We start with high quality materials and a patented operating design.     We follow that quality product with service after the sale to help ensure that Roll-O-Matic curtains are the top curtain in the industry and farmers curtain of choice.

The Best Barn Curtain Systems On The Market

  • We listened to our customers and designed the Roll-O-Matic curtain system to combine a rugged durability with a simple operation and a low maintenance design.
  • Our curtain systems come with warranties on the fabric and the parts.  We feel comfortable providing these because we believe, and experience has shown, that we have a very, very low defect rate.
  • Several companies have tried to copy our patented curtain system, but the imitations do not stand up to the use and conditions like Roll-O-Matic Curtains.  Don’t be fooled by an imitation.

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We attend several farm shows every year – give us a call for the upcoming shows we will be attending.

1-866-8-ROLLUP (1-866-876-5587)

Helpful Videos

If you would like to see videos of the curtains in operation, maintenance recommended or helpful do it yourself service tips please see our Videos Page.

Real Testimonials

If you would like to hear more about the curtains, from someone that uses them please check Testimonials page or call us and we will arrange a visit for you from a nearby farm that has Roll-O-Matic barn curtains.

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